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Monday July 31 7pm

You must be paid up through 1st Quarter 2017 to attend this meeting.

Dues for 2017 are $59 per quarter.

Dues for 2016 are $58 per quarter.

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The motion to increase the List monies failed to pass. The motion to amend the procedure language for tardiness passed.

As per motion carried at the January 2017 general meeting, postcards will no longer be sent as notification of the next general meeting in preference of using e-mail notifications. You can change your e-mail notifications using the "edit your data" link after you log in.

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Summer 2017

: Head Carpenter position at Shea's

Shea's is accepting applications for the position of Head Carpenter. All interested applicants must submit their resume by 5PM Friday, July 28th.

Resumes may be dropped off a the box office, emailed to bhedrick@sheas.org, or by mail to the attention of Bill Hedrick at Shea's Performing Arts Center, PO Box 1130, Buffalo NY 14205.

Resumes should include a cover letter and references are highly recommended.

Interview candidates will be notified the week beginning July 31 with employment beginning late August.

: May Referral Procedure Amendments

The following two motions received their second reading at the June meeting and will receive their third reading and vote at the July meeting:

Motion 1 - remove references to unemployment from otherwise employed language:

The paragraph currently reads: For A and B List purposes otherwise employed may be defined as not having another job, and having the ability to collect unemployment benefits. Seasonal work that does not allow you to collect unemployment benefits will not qualify the referent for A or B list status.

If passed, the paragraph will read: For A and B List purposes otherwise employed may be defined as not having another job.

Motion 2 - change E list start date language:

If passed, the following language will be added to the referral procedure:

Any referent on the extra list that wishes to advance onto the E List must pay the agency fee from their start date until current, or accept their start date as the date their application is accepted by the Executive Board.