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Monday February 27th 7pm

You must be paid up through 3rd quarter 2016 to attend this meeting.

Dues for 2017 are $59 per quarter.

Dues for 2016 are $58 per quarter.

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Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
10 am to 3 pm

(716) 852-2196

700 Main St.
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Buffalo, NY 14202


As per motion carried at the January 2017 general meeting, postcards will no longer be sent as notification of the next general meeting in preference of using e-mail notifications. You can change your e-mail notifications using the "edit your data" link after you log in.

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Winter 2017

: NY Health Act

Russell Andolina will return for the February meeting to present in greater detail the New York Health Act.

: Shea's Annuity additional deferrals

You can now make pre-tax deferrals into your annuity at Shea's. Deferrals can be either a fixed amount or a percentage of each pay period up to 85% or $18,000 each year.

The deferral form can be downloaded here, picked up at the office or from the watchman's desk at Shea's. Completed forms should be submitted to Bill Hedrick.

: Referral Procedure Amendments

The following amendments received their first reading at the January meeting and will receive a second reading at the February meeting:

Motion 1 - Increase the money requirements for the A, B, and C Lists.

The money requirements for the A, B, and C Lists are as follows:

A List: 2 years of $16,000 followed by 3 years of $26,000
B List: 2 years of $16,000
C List: 2 years of $16,000

if passed, they will be updated as follows:

A List: 2 years of $20,000 followed by 3 years of $30,000
B List: 2 years of $20,000
C List: 2 years of $20,000

Motion 2 - prohibit the skipping of lists

The following language will be inserted: Referents requesting advancement to a higher list will only be permitted to move to the next list higher than the one they are on now, except where two lists have the same money requirements. In this case they will be permitted to advance to the higher of the two lists. Monies used to advance to one list cannot be used again at a later date to move to another.